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Leadership12 partners with leaders in business and social enterprise to transform people conflicts and business challenges into leadership, team and enterprise development.

Our clients are successful founders, business owners, c-level executives and emerging leaders who are looking for inspiring and pragmatic strategies to lead beyond conflict and change to sustainable growth for people and bottom lines.

Our partnerships are either confidential advisory arrangements where we co-create solutions for workplace based gender, race and other diversity conflict dynamics - or learning & development journeys where we co-create experiences that transform leadership development from cost center to value creator.


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Top Leaders

Successful founders, business owners and c-level executives who understand that leadership is about more than taking charge - it’s about mentoring and making space for others to step into their potential.

Emerging Leaders

High potential executives preparing to step into positions of power and authority who understand the need to develop emotional intelligence and capacity to lead and manage with depth and presence.


People Leaders

Talent and Diversity & Inclusion leaders who advise and develop people within their organizations and are looking for strategies to move beyond conflict and division to unified and appealing cultures.


...our workplace (is) safer, more inclusive and collaborative.

James and Elizabeth are unique advisors that employ a balanced strategy with both men and women. The insights they have developed allowed the women in our organization to expand their leadership roles, while helping the men to understand their role in making our workplace safer, more inclusive and collaborative.

Female Tech Executive

Like many companies, we had our #metoo moment.

Like many companies, we had our #metoo moment. As a founder and CEO I was confronted with a gender dynamic in our culture that surprised me, I felt targeted by, and all I could do was get angry. I was suspect when we reached out to Leadership12 but they did help us quickly transition from the battle to a collaborative problem solving process. Immediately I could see how we could use gender conflict to drive trust and innovation. We now see that conflict is an indicator of what needs to change and develop in our business.

Male Founder and CEO



Elizabeth Clemants

James : Elizabeth is one of the strongest mediator-teacher-healers I have ever met. When I was thinking about a partner for doing this gender dynamics work there really was no other option. I am fully confident in Elizabeth's capacity to be an incredible value add to any leader, team or enterprise. She has special expertise in trauma and healing from harm, particularly sexual harm. She has extensive experience transforming conflict in business into partnership and entrepreneurial opportunity. I think she has such a profound impact on others for two reasons: her empathy is vast and her creative mind brings innovation to difficult situations. She is a circle keeper who I fully trust to convene any group and take them from where they are to where they need to be. I have a deep personal and professional respect for Elizabeth which is why I wanted to take on this project with her. 


James Kornbluh_090cc_F.jpg


James Kornbluh

Elizabeth : I have known James for decades, and have always watched with fascination as he took on gang violence disputes one day and C-suite disputes in major corporations the next. He has a mind that is rare to find as he sees through the fog, and finds the overall patterns in a culture that needs to shift. He can see the experience of others who have been disadvantage by a system, and does not have any trouble speaking to this truth.  He has a special capacity to engender trust by deeply honoring the humanity of others, while having a strong discerning perspective that hold people accountable to who they are becoming.  He is both artist and lawyer with an intuitive sense of how to make it safe, and give people voice.  He can think out of the box, and find the solutions trying to emerge at the height of any conflict. I find it quite healing to work with a man who role models strength in these ways.



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