Closing the Gender Gap in Tech


“As technology’s role in society grows, so does the urgency of diversifying the tech sector.”

So says this essential article from Melinda Gates and her Foundation. The focus on gender diversity comes at a time when all credible research points to the power of diverse people and teams to drive ideas, innovation and results.

So what’s the most direct path to gender diversification in the tech or any sector?
Start at the Top. Top leadership defines organizational mission, values, direction, culture, strategy and results. When the Board, C-Suite or other top leaders make a commitment to diversity among themselves the entire organization shifts as a result. This means diversify the Board and C-Suite because of the business and cultural value.

What else should top leadership focus on?

Workplace Culture. True innovation requires a day to day culture where all people, regardless of position or role in a company to feel valued, respected and safe physically and psychologically. Top leadership has the power to set the tone for the culture. They cannot do it alone, and we encourage top leaders to build a multi-stakeholder coalition of leaders throughout the organization to nurture vibrant and safe culture.

Talent Pipeline. Most organizations focus here, which makes some sense. A pipeline of talented and diverse workers is critical to close the gender and other diversity gaps. However, without a workplace culture where there is the perception and reality of equal access to power, compensation and safety diverse workers will hesitate to onboard and / or stay in the organization.




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