Core Tech

Ancient Tools for Innovative Leaders


Higher Mind Practices

Personal disciplines that help us evolve from the primordial brain and fight/flight mechanism to our prefrontal cortex that ignites creativity, vision and collaborative action.


Circle Technology

When an individual, team or culture needs repair and innovation to get to the next level, circle technology brings respect, safety and creativity.


Conflict to Innovation System

Conflict is pointing to a need for change. That change can be destructive or constructive depending on leadership actions. Leaders with higher mindset, habits and practices use conflict to drive innovation.



Our Story

Elizabeth and James’ partnership began decades ago when they were New York City based mediators, professors and conflict resolution thought leaders.

They found great synergy and then began working on projects together. They collaborated over the years and developed innovative ways to resolve conflicts in communities and organizations.

James eventually focused his practice on consulting with businesses and coaching leaders and organizations through culture shifts, conflict and change. Elizabeth meanwhile opened a private practice training conflict resolution professionals and mediating cases in business and family settings. Elizabeth also founded a restorative justice non-profit.

When the #metoo movement erupted, James reached out to Elizabeth to find that they were both inundated by clients and confidentes struggling with gender dynamics in the workplace.

They began doing what they each love to do — innovate creative solutions to difficult problems. The result…Leadership12.



Shaman • Mediator • Trainer

Elizabeth Clemants

James : Elizabeth is one of the strongest mediator-teacher-healers I have ever met. When I was thinking about a partner for doing this gender dynamics work there really was no other option. I am fully confident in Elizabeth's capacity to be an incredible value add to any leader, team or enterprise. She has special expertise in trauma and healing from harm, particularly sexual harm. She has extensive experience transforming conflict in business into partnership and entrepreneurial opportunity. I think she has such a profound impact on others for two reasons: her empathy is vast and her creative mind brings innovation to difficult situations. She is a circle keeper who I fully trust to convene any group and take them from where they are to where they need to be. I have a deep personal and professional respect for Elizabeth which is why I wanted to take on this project with her. 



James Kornbluh_090cc_F.jpg

Lawyer • mediator • strategist

James Kornbluh

Elizabeth : I have known James for decades, and have always watched with fascination as he took on gang violence disputes one day and C-suite disputes in major corporations the next. He has a mind that is rare to find as he sees through the fog, and finds the overall patterns in a culture that needs to shift. He can see the experience of others who have been disadvantage by a system, and does not have any trouble speaking to this truth.  He has a special capacity to engender trust by deeply honoring the humanity of others, while having a strong discerning perspective that hold people accountable to who they are becoming.  He is both artist and lawyer with an intuitive sense of how to make it safe, and give people voice.  He can think out of the box, and find the solutions trying to emerge at the height of any conflict. I find it quite healing to work with a man who role models strength in these ways.