L12 Mastery Training Module 1

Personal Leadership


World class executive development.

A 12 week / 36 hour skills development intensive that equips experienced and emerging leaders with advanced tools for developing emotional and business intelligence.

$3,000 per person per module


Vibrant Learning Community

  • Led by 2 world-class trainers focused on developing transformational leaders

  • Circle Technology learning system that promotes safety, trust and skill building

  • Immersion in a gender-diverse learning community to cultivate #MeToo leadership

Creative & Pragmatic Content

  • Tools to enhance leadership presence, voice and impact

  • Practices on transforming destructive conflict into trust and innovation

  • Skills to engage, empower and develop others

Leadership Paradigm Shift

  • From ego-driven leadership to values and mission driven leadership

  • From masculine leadership to integrated feminine and masculine leadership

  • From command and control leadership to empowering leadership

70-20-10 Value Proposition

  • 70% of leadership learning comes from being in a stretch assignment - learning by doing.  L12 mastery adds value to this 70% by making time and space to “work on not in” your leadership.  Much of the 36 hours of training are designed to help leaders show up 100% in their stretch assignments.

  • 20% of leadership learning comes from direct learning from other people: mentors, coaches, peers, supervisors, friends and family.  
    L12 Mastery adds value in this 20% through immersion in a learning community designed to mentor, coach and support professional development.  

  • 10% of leadership learning comes from more traditional classroom and training settings focused on new skill and capacity building.  
    L12 Mastery adds value in this 10% by teaching learnable, powerful leadership skills.


L12 Mastery Training is Available In-Person and Online

At our Tribeca office

Wednesday, March 20th, 6pm-9pm
plus 11 consecutive Wednesday evenings

Online Zoom Video Conference

Friday, April 19th, 9am-12pm
plus 11 consecutive Friday mornings