Safe Workplace Series

#metoo Era Seminars


Promote diverse and inclusive workplace culture.

World class professional development that uses #metoo as a starting point for healthy, productive and trust building learning for c-suite executives, HR and D&I leaders, and others responsible for building diverse and inclusive workplace culture. Three half day seminars focused on personal, team and culture based strategies.



Seminar Insights:

  • Workplace law & punitive vs. restorative justice

  • Power of leadership to define diverse and inclusive culture

  • Power of workplace culture to define workplace behavior

  • Power of personal responsibility to cultivate safe workplace

  • Healthy boundaries around sex and power in workplace relationships

  • Breaking cycles of targeting, disrespect and harassment

  • Promoting equal opportunity and deep respect for all

Lead by 2 work class trainers focused on growing world changing leaders; using Circle Technology to promote safety, trust and skill building; and immersing workplace groups in a gender diverse learning experience to cultivate #metoo leadership skills.


Seminar 1:  Personal Leadership  

  • Getting out of fight/flight and into higher mind practices and peak executive functioning

  • Listening to and creating healthy boundaries with others 

  • Taking 100% responsibility for intent and impact of actions 

Seminar 2:  Team Leadership

  • The power of safety to drive team trust 

  • The power of trust to drive team performance

  • The power of team performance to drive business results

Seminar 3:  Culture Leadership

  • How leadership defines enterprise culture 

  • How culture defines employee engagement and experience

  • How employee engagement drives business results 

70-20-10 Value Proposition

  • 70% of leadership learning comes from being in a stretch assignment — learning by doing. Safe Workplace Series adds value to this 70% by making time and space to “work on not in” leadership.  Much of the 12 hours of training are designed to help leaders show up 100% in the #metoo era.

  • 20% of leadership learning comes from direct learning from other people: mentors, coaches, peers, supervisors, friends and family.  Safe Workplace Series adds value in this 20% through immersion in a professional development experience designed to mentor, coach and support leadership in the #metoo era.  

  • 10% of leadership learning comes from more traditional classroom and training settings focused on new skill and capacity building.  Safe Workplace Series adds value in this 10% by teaching learnable, powerful leadership skills to thrive in #metoo era.


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