Leadership Development & Conflict Advisory


Safe Workplace Series

In October 2018, New York State passed a law requiring ALL employers of any size company to provide a Sexual Harassment Training and implement company policies regarding sexual harassment prevention. This training must be interactive and completed by October 2019. We provide a three part training series supporting companies to provide interactive sexual harassment training. We give a certificate of compliance to each person who takes the training and the sponsoring organization.


Executive Confidential

Conflict Assessment & Transformation

Private, confidential problem-solving consultation when you have an immediate, urgent need to figure out how to move forward from a difficult situation. We partner to develop strategy with quickly executable steps to alleviate risk, stabilize the ship and prevent further damage to relationships and business.

Retained engagements for leadership development, team performance and culture evolution when confidentiality is key.



Ball of Light

Leadership Intensives

Vibrant alternative to stale executive coaching 360s and graduate school leadership courses. An integration of ancient wisdom, science based best practices and experience informed strategies to transform conflict, initiate change and grow trust and bottom lines in relationships, teams and enterprises. Custom learning journeys from the convenience and privacy of office or home-office.

Module 1

Personal Leadership

Transformations from stressed and reactive to renewed and fully present.

From conflicted and confused to clear, creative and visionary.

be the Ball of Light that you are

creating the personal leadership disciplines that get you on path to full leadership potential.

30 day intensive. 8 hours of remote coaching. 20 minutes per day daily practice. A lifetime of seizing potential.


Module 2

Team Leadership

Module 3

Enterprise Leadership


$3,000 Module 1



Ball of Light

Leadership Retreats

Plan a Spring, Fall or Winter 2019 Leadership Retreat for your Executive Team or Partnership Group. Custom designed NYC adventures, leadership learning journeys that provides a relaxed and creative way to transform most difficult challenges into leadership renewal and alignment around vision, strategy and execution.



Ball of Light

Team Days

Elizabeth and James come as a coaching team. We work with individuals and teams in 3, 6, 9 and 12 month executive development intensives. Our clients are c-level executives and emerging leaders in tech, finance, law, media and social enterprise. Clients choose one of us to lead the coaching and receive both of our insight, support and accountability as we partner to problem solve #MeToo dynamics and focus on optimized leadership mindset, habits and practices to exponentially grow emotional and business intelligence.